About V-Sell Ekologiska Produkter

V-Sell Ekologiska Produkter’s journey began outside Cape Town in South Africa in the year 2004. The company founder left Sweden for South Africa with a vision to find new and exciting organic products. When the founder discovered Khoisan Tea’s premium rooibos teas she decided to start to import them into the Swedish market – who could resist this healthy, delicious and warming drink?

Khoisan Tea has since grown rapidly and has become a well-known brand in Sweden. When V-Sell Ekologiska Produkter wanted to launch a brand of its own it was natural to choose Khoisan Tea, a popular old brand with a strong organic profile – what could be better for this purpose? In 2014 V-Sell Ekologiska Produkter took over the brand Khoisan Tea in the Nordic and the Baltic countries and in 2015 the first products developed under the new owner were launched.

In 2017 V-Sell Ekologiska Produkter launched another brand of its own; a new brand called Veggie Peggy which offers an exquisite range of vegan products.

In addition to Khoisan Tea and Veggie Peggy V-Sell Ekologiska Produkter represents a number of other leading organic brands in Sweden and/or Finland. The company has an exclusive distribution right for organic products of all the brands.

Today V-Sell Ekologiska Produkter is an established company which offers a wide range of organic products but our core business has not changed – we work only with premium, organic products and never compromise on quality. We are proud to work with some of the best suppliers on the market.

We have grown steadily since the start and are today one of the largest importers and distributors of organic products in Sweden. You find an exciting range of different food products – both sweet and savory – as well as refreshing beverages at V-Sell Ekologiska Produkter.

Our products are sold widely everywhere in Sweden, we have resellers across the country – for example grocery stores, health food stores, coffeehouses, restaurants, small organic shops and online stores to mention few.

Do you have any suggestions of products or brands that you think we should include in our range? Contact us at vsell@vsell.se with your request and we will be happy to help.


“”V-Sell Ekologiska Produkter’s vision is to be the first hand choice for clients as well as suppliers for high quality organic products.”

Client Commitment

”When I buy products from V-Sell Ekologiska Produkter I can rely on the stated product qualities and know that they are attractive to my clients.”

Business Concept

“V-Sell Ekologiska Produkter’s business concept is to offer organic products with long shelf life within segments where its products are or may become the leading organic products.”

Supplier Target

”V-Sell Ekologiska Produkter’s aim is to build our markets into the no. 1 external sales markets per capita for each of our suppliers.”

Stockholm Office


V-Sell Ekologiska Produkter

VAT no: 556734-4840

Gustavslundsvägen 139
167 51 Bromma, Sweden

Phone: 0046470-515485
E-mail: vsell@vsell.se

Växjö Office


V-Sell Ekologiska Produkter

VAT no: 556734-4840

Ljungadalsgatan 19
352 46 Växjö, Sweden

Phone: 0046470-515485
E-mail: vsell@vsell.se

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