In addition to our consumer products, V-Sell Ekologiska Produkter also offers organic ingredients and raw materials in bulk and industry/food service sized packaging.

At the moment, we offer several in-stock organic products in larger units but we are also working widely with organic ingredients and raw materials upon request. We offer a flexible approach where the starting point is the request of our clients, such as specific product qualities, certifications and volumes. We co-operate with several well-known wholesale companies and food manufacturers. Together with our clients we also develop a creative approach to create new organic products.

We have a wide network of suppliers around the world, with high standards of quality and reliability. We are constantly working on developing our network to provide you with the best organic products on the market, based on quality and price.

We have a broad and deep knowledge concerning certifications required for organic production as well as KRAV, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade. As a KRAV-certified company we are qualified to KRAV-certify products.

We see no limits to our clients’ requests and have so far never failed with an assignment – we search until we find what is requested!

Existing organic industrial products which we have worked with range from nuts and dried fruit to flour, oils and spices. In addition to ingredients and raw materials, we also supply semi-finished products and components to many leading food producers’ organic production lines.

We look forward to your request, and to together create more attractive products for the growing organic market.

For more information, please contact:

Sandra Pettersson
Phone: +46 72-017 62 86
E-mail: sp(@)

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