Agar Agar

Agar Agar

Finally, we can bake completely vegetarian! Khoisan Tea’s organic Agar-agar powder is a gel substance extracted from a particular type of red algae. It adds no taste or smell and is very effective when using. You can use Agar Agar for desserts instead of gelatine, in case you want to eat a vegetarian dessert. Perfect for cheesecake, panna cotta and other desserts that need to get gelatinised.

  • Perfect vegetable alternative to gelatine
  • Organic
  • Free from additives and preservatives

Article Number: BAK003


See back of packaging. Use for desserts or foods that need gelatinised. 1 teaspoon is comparable with 6 gelatine leaves and suits for about 500g of liquid.


Agar agar powder * (from organic red algae). *Organic ingredient.




Consumer: 1×30 gram
Retail: 15×30 gram